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Username: Taxpayers NGO

Page: Taxpayers Rights Protection NGO

Group:         Taxpayers and Taxes

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a part of and to contribute to effective establishment of tax and customs sectors, as well as to equal and overall application of the legislation in Armenia by supporting to reduction of corruption risks.

Taxpayers’ Protection NGO considers itself as a company that is a critical partner in effective regulation of existing and forthcoming tax and customs problems to the benefit of taxpayers, as well as in contributing the improvements undertaken by the RA Government.


Objectives of the Company are directed to contribution of a favorable environment for improvement of tax and customs sectors and to support to make those sectors to be built up as a transparent and impartial body.

Objectives of the Company’s activity are dissemination of the information on the rights of taxpayers and making that information publicly available; to support and help everybody that has difficulties in the rights protection and to contribute to the formation of civil society.


Taxpayers’ Protection NGO is willing to cooperate with all the parties whose initiatives may contribute to construction of tax and customs sectors, development of favorable environment between tax and customs bodies and taxpayers, equal and fair application of the law, and implementation of legislative amendments.

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